Stockholm Pride 2024: Stronger Together

Stockholm Pride Parade

In 1944, Sweden entered the annals of queer history when it decriminalised homosexuality, triggering a cascade of LGBTQ+ triumphs across the country that have since solidified its status as one of the most gay-welcoming places on earth. Eighty years on and Sweden continues to lead by example in the fight for queer rights and equality, celebrating its progress with one of the loudest and proudest LGBTQ+ events in Europe: Stockholm Pride. 

Stockholm Pride has long been a cornerstone of queer celebrations in Sweden. Starting as a small gathering in 1998, the festival has grown to welcome over 60,000 participants and 600,000 spectators from around the globe – and this year’s edition is poised to be the most spectacular yet, with the confluence of several historical milestones that show just how far we have come. Not only are we celebrating 80 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality, but 15 years of marriage equality, and 45 years since Swedes protested to declassify LGBTQ+ as an illness by calling in sick to work, claiming ‘they felt gay’ – iconic, if you ask us. And let’s not forget, this year also marks 50 fabulous years since ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest, forever securing their spot in the hearts (and playlists) of queer people everywhere.

This year’s Pride event will take place at the height of summer, from July 29th to August 3rd, under the theme “Stronger Together” which speaks to the importance of solidarity and inclusion – values that define our Open City – and the shared responsibility to protect our community’s hard-won rights, especially with the political climate of the world right now. The week-long festival will envelop Stockholm in rainbow flags and unapologetic queer joy as locals and visitors from far and wide enjoy a myriad of events, parties, and workshops, all culminating in a grand parade on the final day.

Stockholm Pride 2024 Main Events

Stockholm knows how to throw a celebration like no other, with a welcoming spirit and open-mindedness that makes it a paradise for LGBTQ+ travellers. The city’s sprawling archipelago, historic architecture, and bustling waterfront provide the perfect backdrop for an abundance of Pride festivities that cater to all tastes and preferences.

The highlight of the week is undoubtedly the Stockholm Pride Parade, the largest in Scandinavia. Tens of thousands of participants will march along a 4.5km route, which weaves through the picturesque streets of central Stockholm in a jubilant display of colour and music before wrapping up at Pride Park, the heart of the festivities. The march usually takes around two hours to walk, so remember to pack a water bottle and comfy footwear – or high heels, of course, if you’re feeling fabulous. 

Pride Park is more than just an endpoint; it’s a dynamic festival ground where visitors can enjoy performances by world-renowned artists, connect with like-minded people, enjoy a drink, and savour a variety of culinary delights from food stalls and pop-up restaurants. The city buzzes with cultural and culinary creativity, so the vendors in Pride Park are all about representing the crème de la crème of Stockholm’s finest offerings. 

Pride House is another essential element of Stockholm Pride. This venue is devoted to fostering dialogue and education on LGBTQ+ issues. It stands at the heart of Stockholm Pride’s mission to promote understanding and inclusivity, offering a variety of workshops and seminars on topics like representation, politics, and LGBTQ+ rights. 

Parties, Venues & Attractions

The spirit of Pride extends beyond the parade and official events, permeating the city’s nightlife with a series of incredible parties and gatherings. One of the must-attend events is the Pride Circus Stockholm. Typically held on Friday night it’s Stockholm’s biggest Pride party, featuring incredible drag performances and famous DJ sets. The XCape Stockholm Pride Festival is another must for party lovers seeking a weekend of exhilarating music and celebration.

For those who enjoy a cheeky touch of kink, the Backdoor Stockholm Pride Week offers a series of exciting events from Wednesday to Saturday, including the popular Kink opening party and the Eurovision Afterparty. Venues such as SLM, Patricia, and Club Backdoor are renowned for their turbocharged atmospheres and welcoming crowds.

But Pride in Stockholm isn’t just about the parties – as much as we love them. If you’re seeking a more relaxed Pride experience or some calmer moments between the high-octane, glitter-filled chaos, you’ll be pleased to know that the city is rich in cultural attractions and natural beauty. Stockholm’s tranquil green island of Djurgården is home to both the Vasa Museum, home to the world’s only preserved 17th century ship, and ABBA The Museum, an essential stop for any music lover, particularly this year as the band celebrates the 50th anniversary of their Eurovision triumph with ‘Waterloo.’ Both of these are super family-friendly. Djurgården is also dotted with charming cafes where you can enjoy a traditional Swedish fika, a coffee break paired with delicious pastries.

A visit to Mälarpaviljongen is also highly recommended. This gay-owned, floating bar and café is a hotbed of Stockholm’s queer community and offers stunning waterfront views of Lake Mälaren. It’s the perfect place to unwind with a drink and a light meal, or even take a dip in the lake (if the weather permits it).

Stockholm Pride 2024 is shaping up to be an unforgettable celebration of love, diversity, and community. Make the most of it by opting to stay at one of these exceptional LGBTQ-friendly hotels in the city. Your future self will appreciate having a cosy spot to relax once the festivities wind down.

Check out the full event program and grab your tickets for Pride Park on the official Stockholm Pride website.