Fika and chill: where to fika in Djurgården this winter

A baker at Bageriet in Skansen. An excellent place to fika in Djurgården.

With the days getting colder and darker, we think it’s high time to reach for the heavy artillery in our winter survival kit: coffee, company, and carbohydrates – or what we Swedes simply refer to as ‘fika’. For those unfamiliar with the term, Swedish fika is a cultural concept that involves taking a break to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, often accompanied by a sweet treat or pastry. It’s a social institution; a moment to pause, relax, and connect with others, and there’s no better place to experience it than in Stockholm’s most scenic island, Royal Djurgården. The combination of natural surroundings and cosy cafés scattered around make it ideal for a memorable coffee break. Here are some of our favourite spots for fika in Djurgården: 

Flickorna Helin

Housed in an 1897 fairytale-like exhibition pavilion on the outskirts of Djurgården, this café is more than just a pitstop; it’s a delicious detour into history and a siren call for fika enthusiasts who are looking for a little magic this festive season. Flickorna Helin entices guests with a diverse menu featuring a tempting selection of homemade pastries, buns, cakes, and sandwiches that could make even the staunchest calorie counter weak at the knees. And for those in need of more than caffeine and sugar to ward off the Nordic chill, fret not. This joint has you covered with a stellar selection of lagers and house wines.

Flickorna Helin is also strategically stationed for those in need of a post-stroll pick-me-up or a quick refuelling before visiting neighbouring attractions like the Vasa Museum and ABBA The Museum

Café Petissan

Entering café Petissan is like stepping into an Astrid Lindgren daydream – you half-expect Pippi Longstocking to swing by for a cappuccino. This quaint wooden cafe in Skansen has been serving up caffeinated joy since 1870, and is easily one of the most magical spots to fika in Djurgården, if not all of Stockholm. The menu here is a treasure trove, with sweet treats that include cinnamon buns, roulades, and traditional biscuits that go perfectly with a steaming cup of fresh filter coffee. 

Should the richness of Swedish pastries leave you needing a post-fika nap, the historic LGBTQ-friendly Hotel Hasselbacken is just a short stroll away, ready to rescue you from the clutches of a confectionery coma. 


In a city bustling with modern cafés, this old-fashioned little nook in Skansen proves that sometimes all you need is a snug corner, a sweet pretzel, and an honest cup of coffee to satisfy the soul – no thrills, just fika, in all of its glory. 

Housed in a two-story timber-framed building, Bageriet, simply translating to “The Bakery” in English, features authentic interiors that offer a glimpse into what a typical bakery would have looked like in 1870s Sweden. The sweetness of their cinnamon buns (amongst the best in Stockholm, may we add) is rivalled only by the sweetness of the sense of nostalgia they bring, making Bageriet not just a fika spot but a cherished portal to a rich and flavourful chapter in Swedish heritage.

Rosendals Garden Café

Many locals and frequent Stockholm visitors swear by Rosendals Garden Café for their fika fix, and who can blame them? This charming greenhouse turned organic eatery, surrounded by vegetable fields and vineyards, checks off all the essential boxes for the perfect mid-day coffee break: a picturesque setting, mouthwatering fare, and a warm, inviting ambience. 

Reflecting their farm-to-fork ethos and dedication to sustainability, the menu showcases dishes crafted from organic and biodynamic ingredients, with a significant portion sourced directly from the café’s own garden – so don’t be surprised if you find a few local flowers on your plate. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more delightful and eco-conscious fika experience than this.

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