Proud Stockholm: four things the Open City takes #Pride in

Rainbow flag during Stockholm Pride, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Pride is an institution: from the countless events and parties to the largest, annual Pride parade in all of Scandinavia, the celebrations each August draw thousands of visitors from all across the world to the Open City! But our beautiful capital doesn’t stop there…

Instead, Stockholm is a place that’s proud 365 days a year. And there’s plenty to take pride in; from our well-preserved history to the fabulous sustainability initiatives that made our city the first-ever European Green Capital in 2010. Join us as we give ourselves a rare pat on the back for some of the wonderful things responsible for a proud Stockholm!

Our incredible music, as witnessed at ABBA: The Museum

Did you know that some of the biggest pop songs of all time were written, produced and recorded in Stockholm? Swedish mega producer Max Martin, the mastermind behind Britney Spears’, Taylor Swift’s and Ariana Grande’s biggest hits is only one example – ABBA, of course, are another.

At ABBA: The Museum, visitors can learn all about Swedish pop history while having the time of their lives discovering all the immersive displays and experiences on offer within the museum! Think joining holograms of the iconic band on stage, seeing all their original stage outfits or going behind the scenes at the Mamma Mia musical films…

Our pristine nature, on display at Royal Djurgården

For a city built entirely on the water, it’s somewhat self-evident for nature to play a big role in everyday life. But the Open City is proud of the many things we’ve done to protect the gorgeous landscapes that form the Stockholm archipelago.

This is best witnessed at the pristine island of Royal Djurgården, a vast park surrounded by water and home to a labyrinth of nature trails. Few capital cities offer so large of a natural environment at such proximity – and when visiting, you’ll see the locals sure make use of it, arriving for weekend picnics, extended romantic strolls or birdwatching sessions. Djurgården is truly something to take pride in!

Our fabulous LGBTQ+ nightlife, as you’ll see at Peter & Erik Present events

With there being places around the world, where LGBTQ+ people cannot celebrate their fabulous selves freely, Stockholm is particularly proud to have a lively and utterly welcoming queer party scene, where no one is ever turned away… plus, some of the world’s best DJs make any night out in the Open City a night to remember!

Events thrown by local legends Peter & Erik are testimony to how great the capital’s LGBTQ+ nightlife is: somewhere between camp and glam, Peter & Erik Presents parties can involve everything from fierce drag shows to international music acts and the very best venues. These guys know how to celebrate ‘Pride’ every day of the year!


Our support of independent brands, available at Bruno Gallerian

Despite having perhaps the best H&M anywhere in the world, the Open City is hugely proud of all the amazing, local talent helping discerning shoppers find unique outfits for any occasion. In fact, shopping for indie labels has become even more popular in recent years, with many customers wanting to support home-grown designers.

Bruno Gallerian is one of the capital’s best places to shop for small brands, for the intimately sized shopping centre is home to both HOPE, a Swedish brand making waves with gender-neutral collections, as well as APLACE, where over 100 smaller labels showcase their original designs with (what else?) plenty of pride!