Bookworm: the best places to read in Stockholm

A pile of books: these are the best places to read in Stockholm

Some might say a book is the last thing they’d pack for a trip to a destination as rich in attractions as the Open City – but an array of fabulous places to read in Stockholm makes bringing some literature an absolute essential in our, well, book!

While there’s nothing wrong with a more physically active holiday in the Swedish capital, for example, one that entails taking to the city’s very best cycling routes, those whose favourite adventures happen on the pages of books won’t have a hard time finding a cosy nook or cranny to get lost between the chapters… Here are some of the best places to read in Stockholm.

Hotel Skeppsholmen is among the best places to read in Stockholm

This LGBTQ-welcoming hotel on the leafy island of Skeppsholmen is its very own, little microcosmos within the city. In the summer, you’ll find the slow pace and idyllic tranquility of the tiny island make for a perfect setting to kick back in the shade of a tree and take out a book.

Meanwhile, in the winter, Hotel Skeppsholmen’s cosy rooms offer panoramic views over the icy Lake Mälaren, and few things could be more relaxing than getting lost between the pages of your favourite book while sipping on a hot chocolate and looking out over the bay. What’s not to love?

Book lovers should head to The Green Queen

If you’re the kind of reader who can’t go without regular snacks and a bit of background noise, The Green Queen should be at the very top of your list. A vegan café-meets-restaurant just opposite gay-run Mälarpaviljongen, The Green Queen is one of the coolest places to read in Stockholm!

Expect to find delicious treats from spicy Indian stews to plant-based ‘meat’ burgers on the menu, paired with healthy smoothies and some of the best quality coffee you’ll find anywhere in town: best of all, with its comfortable seats, bright interiors and constant background hum, The Green Queen is a fabulous destination for social readers.

No list of the best places to read in Stockholm is complete without Miss Clara

Lovers of design will no doubt want to flick through their art books and magazines in a surrounding that does their passion justice – and the stylish interiors of LGBTQ-embracing Miss Clara do just that. With its signature dark wood-panelled floors, white walls and renowned art collection, Miss Clara is a wonderful setting for creative souls.

What’s more, some rooms at the popular hotel include wide cupboards built alongside windowsills that allow you to sit in the window and make use of daylight whilst reading – they’ve even installed padded cushions so bookworms with a penchant for urban views can get comfortable!

A day at Skansen should be high on the list for bookworms

The world’s oldest open-air museum Skansen is arguably a bit of a book in itself, for it tells the amazing story of Swedish life and culture through the centuries via a large number of immersive displays. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own book for an hour or two of reading in Skansen’s lush grounds…

There are several gardens here, interspersed with original huts and houses home to bakeries, workshops, cafés and more – step inside and kick back with some literature while being wholly surrounded by history come alive. Skansen is a truly inspiring museum, and no doubt one of the best places to read in Stockholm!