Cycling in Stockholm: a day of biking around the Open City

Cycling in Stockholm, Sweden

Need to stretch your legs after flying all the way to Stockholm? You’ll be delighted to hear the Open City is one of the world’s most biking-friendly capitals, with an elaborate system of cycling paths stretching all across town! And cycling around Stockholm is in fashion, too, as sustainability-driven initiatives inspire even the locals to hop on the saddle.

There are countless routes around the capital, and you could go on nature-inspired adventures or opt for full cultural immersion – for a well-rounded ride around town, including some iconic sights and culinary delights, read on!

Bike around Royal Djurgården

Arguably, no trip to Stockholm is complete without a visit to Royal Djurgården, and that certainly goes for biking adventures, too. The city’s ‘green lung’ is conveniently accessible from the centre and you’ll kick off your tour around it from the entry point of Djurgårdsbron bridge.

From here, follow Djurgårdsvagen all the way to the southeastern side of the island and take in the views along the way. You could get here in 15 minutes, but it’s advisable to take your time and enjoy Djurgården’s pristine nature. On the way back, cross-criss the island and explore the many wooded paths that offer shade when the sun gets too hot – you could easily spend an hour or two!

Hotel Skeppsholmen is a perfect addition to a day of cycling in Stockholm

Done with Djurgården? Turn left onto Strandvägen, round Nybroviken bay and the small island of Skeppsholmen is straight ahead across the bridge. Once you reach its southern tip, you’ll find another small bridge taking you to Kastellholmen, an even smaller and equally pretty Stockholm island.

After all that exploration, you’re probably ready for a hearty lunch. Make for the beautifully located Hotel Skeppsholmen, where seasonal and locally sourced ingredients are served at the on-site restaurant Långa Raden. The relaxed eatery is a favourite among the locals, and thanks to its outdoor seating area with pretty views over the green surroundings, it’s the perfect place to rest up and enjoy a meal before you’re back on the saddle!

Bike all the way to Mälarpaviljongen

Leaving Skeppsholmen behind, follow the Södra Blasieholmshamnen all the way along the city centre’s coast, with stunning views of the mighty Lake Mälaren and the old town, Gamla Stan, to your left. After some ten minutes, you’ll cross the Stadshusbron bridge with the capital’s iconic City Hall coming up on the left – it’s this kind of view that makes cycling in Stockholm so memorable!

Once past the City Hall, immediately turn left and then right, and glorious Mälarpaviljongen is another five minutes down the road. A gay-run event venue and bar on the water, this place makes for an ideal stopover for a cup of coffee and a vegan snack from the adjoining Green Queen restaurant.

Cycle down to hip Södermalm and bed down at the Rival

Having spend a few hours on the saddle, you’re probably ready to head back to the hotel. Turn around and cross Stadshusbron bridge again. Shortly after, head right towards the old town, traverse its pretty town squares and continue towards the southern island of Södermalm, where the Rival is located.

The stylish, ABBA-owned address makes for the perfect place to end your day of cycling in Stockholm, for aside from its popular restaurant, there are also several entertainment options in the building – including a fully-fledged theatre, so your journey of exploration and cultural immersion doesn’t end once you’ve stepped off your bike. What more could you ask for?