The perfect day in Östermalm – where Stockholm is at its prettiest

Photography courtesy of @onceuponajrny, shot at Hotel Diplomat
Photography courtesy of @onceuponajrny, shot at Hotel Diplomat

Okay, okay, we know what you’re thinking: the perfect day does not exist. Right? Well, turns out it’s a matter of perspective. And we tend to find that when on vacation, our days are just a tad more likely to be as close to perfect as only possible, than when not. Though of course this comes down to where you’re off to!

When in Stockholm, it’s certainly advisable to explore the city’s pretty Östermalm district, where lakeside luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants rub shoulders in the shadows of a thousand trees and more. We’d say a perfect day sounds pretty achievable around these bits…


Hotel Diplomat

You’d be hard-pressed to beat the Diplomat in just about any category – the elegant hotel has been voted the best in Sweden several years in a row, and if you want to wake up to perfection, it might just be your best choice. Once you’ve made it out of bed (quite the task; the Diplomat’s beds are perhaps the most comfortable in town), make your way to the ‘Restaurangen’ to feast your way through the lavish breakfast menu. Think you need to burn some calories before lunch? No problem: just visit the Diplomat’s state-of-the-art gym or sweat it all out in the spa’s sauna. Whatever it is you need for a perfect morning, it’s all here.


Taverna Brillo

Done sweating? Move that little perfect behind of yours down the road and take your seat at Taverna Brillo. The Italian-inspired menu (because what’s a flawless day without pizza and pasta, right?) by chef Ed Ottati brings together locals and visitors, effectively creating one of the most fun and friendly culinary experiences in all the Swedish capital. Other than the delicious food – promise us you’ll try the Pappardelle – the Taverna is home to changing art displays showcasing the work of many a creative Stockholm mind. What more could you want out of lunch?


Royal Djurgården

Before you ask: yes, the leafy island of Djurgården is in fact also part of Östermalm, and any attempt at a perfect day in the area must include a trip here! There is, of course, a lot to do in Djurgården. You could visit one of out of the many museums; from the famous Vasa to the pioneering Skansen, though for the best possible experience of Stockholm’s largest island, we suggest you take to its natural sights, too. One can easily spend all afternoon, exploring Djurgården’s green landscapes and many monuments and statues. Travelling with a four-legged friend? Their perfect day is sorted, then.



This chic upscale restaurant is as good as it gets in the neighbourhood, and if anything, its decades of existence (Teatergrillen opened its doors all the way back in 1945!) is solid proof of the restaurant’s excellence. It’s no coincidence that it’s a bit of a hotspot with Swedish celebrities and food connoisseurs, who disappear behind Teatergrillen’s gorgeous facade on a pursuit of culinary pleasures. Don’t believe us when we say a single meal can change your mind about perfection being possible? Order the stupendously-delicious apples flambée au Calvados with vanilla parfait and oats and we’ll talk again.