Posh, please: Stockholm’s fanciest hotel suites

The Dagmar Master Suite, Hotel Diplomat, Stockholm, Sweden
Photography courtesy of Hotel Diplomat

Visiting Stockholm for a special occasion and want to treat yourself to the finest in Scandinavian hospitality? Or simply won the lottery and don’t know what to do with all that money? We have an idea.

Despite the decidedly inclusive demeanour of the locals, the Swedish capital boasts some hotel suites that are rather, well, exclusive. Though that doesn’t mean you can’t simply book yourself into one of Stockholm’s plushest bedrooms – so long as you do some research and preferably book in advance to make use of current offers… Here are some of our favourite, most indulgent suites in town!


The Dagmar Master Suite at the Diplomat

Frequently named the best hotel in all the country, the Diplomat is a truly spectacular affair. All of its rooms are beautiful but the Dagmar Master Suite, frankly, is grandiose: picture 69 bright square metres with exceptional ceiling height and decked in classic, luxurious furniture (we’re talking chandeliers and marble floors). Not that you’d easily tire of looking at the suite itself, but a glimpse through its floor-to-ceiling windows reveals a panoramic view of Stockholm’s old town and romantic harbour.

The sweetest of suites at the Diplomat is equipped with everything from a Nespresso machine and free video-on-demand to a steam sauna. You’ll hardly want to step outside.



The Officer’s Suite at the Skeppsholmen

Looking for a slightly different approach to upscale hospitality? The Skeppsholmen hotel, located on the small island of the same name, is all about offering a particularly quaint, private atmosphere paired with recognisably Scandinavian design – though don’t think IKEA.

In its Officer’s Suite, the Skeppsholmen combines colourful accents in furniture with flat-screen TVs and a walk-in closet. If that’s getting you excited, wait until you discover the bathroom, home to an integrated lights shower and a basin crafted by none other than iconic Italian design studio Boffi. There are also 24h room service and a rooftop window right above the bathtub. Just saying.



The Clock Suite at Hotel Berns

See that large clock just underneath Berns’ bright sign, set atop the hotel’s gorgeous building? You could be sleeping just behind that. For their two-storey Clock Suite with unprecedented views of Berzelii Park, the friendly folks at Berns have really gone out of their way, creating a space filled with designer furniture and quirky artworks!

But it’s not all about the framed pictures of supermodels and a life-size Buddha-esque statue in the living room: the Clock Suite actually features some extraordinary amenities, mirrored bathroom walls and Berns’ first-class service (breakfast in the King size bed, anyone?). If all that luxury is making you break a sweat, just help yourself to the complimentary toiletries, provided by skincare experts Malin & Goetz. You’re welcome.



Suite 706 at the Rival

The only hotel on this list to be located in Stockholm’s hippest neighbourhood, Södermalm, the Rival practically doubles as an entertainment venue, thanks to its fabulous in-house theatre. Though fret not, the performances staged here won’t keep you awake at night, as you sleep happily in the Suite 706 on the 7th floor!

The spacious suite features a terrace overlooking Stockholm’s rooftops (in case you were wondering: yes, there are sun loungers), stylish rugs by Swedish design studio Kasthall and a white mosaic bathroom with golden mountings. Though if you ask us, what lends the 706 Suite its original character is all the little details – how many hotel rooms have you stayed in that come with a pink Audio Pro speaker? We thought so.