Ho, ho, ho: the ultimate guide to buying magical Christmas presents in Stockholm

Photography by @onceuponajrny, shot in Bibliotekstan

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go… But especially if you go to Stockholm! The Swedish capital receives a major glow-up during the winter months, when Christmas markets and ice rinks pop up all around town, bringing caramelised pecans and boots full of cheer (some of which is mulled wine-induced, we hear) to the city’s snow-covered squares.

And since this time of the year tends to bring out the altruist in people, it’d be rude not to take home some of Sweden’s Christmas magic, wrapped up festively with a gay ole ribbon on top. Got some picky relatives and friends? Don’t worry: Stockholm shopping is as varied as it gets – you just need to know where to go!


The gift shop at ABBA The Museum

Gift shops can be a bit of a hit-and-miss, but if there’s a true ABBA fan among your beloved ones (and of course there is), the cult band’s official souvenir shop is just the place to hunt for the perfect present. You’ll find just about every typical gift item here; from ABBA-themed mugs and posters to tote bags and t-shirts – our favourite one features a huge ABBA logo in rainbow colours…

Beyond that, a whole array of unique presents awaits: how about an ABBA-themed Monopoly game? Or an authentic vinyl record of the band’s Christmas tune ‘I Have a Dream’? Whatever ends up in your cart, don’t forget to check out the museum, too!




Bibliotekstan is hands down the best place to go shopping for virtually anything and while Stockholm’s most stylish come here for the latest collections of the world’s most prominent brands, shoppers can also find beauty products, fragrances, home accessories and more in the hip district.

Looking for a special gift for a very special someone? Jeweller Bo Berggren Urhandel has a great range of luxury watches that would look fabulous under any Christmas tree… Though if your budget isn’t quite up there, simply pop into Happy Socks to pick up a pair or two of Swedish-made socks. Conveniently, these guys sell stylish gift boxes, too – ideal for the winter months!



The pop-up boutique at HOBO Hotel

You don’t have to stay at HOBO Hotel to check out their quirky little pop-up space in the foyer. With an ever-changing range of original and locally-made products, many of which will no doubt be Christmas-inspired in the months of November and December, the cool concept store is a real treasure trove of unique presents!

Head here for gifts that’d be hard to find anywhere else; from collaborations with Swedish artists and an astounding number of independent publications on art, fashion and architecture. And remember to stop by the hotel cafe for a hot chocolate or a pumpkin spice oat latte before you brace the cold again!



The gift shop at the Royal Palace

Know a Queen or a King who deserves nothing less than a truly regal present? Of course you do. Best make your way to the gift shop at Stockholm’s Royal Palace, where the blue-blooded get their money’s worth – no matter the budget!

This shop carries everything you’ll need for a perfectly regal Christmas, from fine china and silver tea trays to scarves and cufflinks embellished with patterns from the Swedish Royal collection. There are some seriously classy presents for kids as well (tin soldiers and card games, anyone?), though don’t say we haven’t warned you of the highly addictive royal sweets which are hard not to break into on the way home!