Hellstens Glashus Restaurang

Between the unique glass facade and the brick walls from the former metalworks, you’ll find Glashuset Restaurant and Bar.

A dazzling seven meters from floor to ceiling creates a special atmosphere in this extraordinary venue on Södermalm. Consisting of exposed rock face from millions of years ago, they dare to say that we have the oldest floor you’ll ever place your feet on whilst ordering a drink.

In the summertime, the restaurant has outdoor seating on Wollmar Yxkullsgatan where you can soak up the Swedish summer. During warm nights, they also open the glass facade and let the summer breeze in from the streets of Södermalm, as part of the experience!

www.hellstensglashus.se/restaurang-glashuset | Instagram: @thegreenqueen.bakfickan | Find on Google Maps