Four Stockholm places to visit on a weekend away from the kids

Royal Djurgården, Stockholm, Sweden

We know, we know: you love your kids! And that’s great. But we also know that every now and then, parents can do with a little break – whether its to rekindle your romance, go wild or simply take a breath and reconnect with each other. Whilst Stockholm certainly has no shortage of child-friendly attractions, the city also offers plenty to those who look to spend a few days away from the little ones. Here are our favourite places to visit whilst Mia and Liam are back home with the grandparents!


Tuck into an elegant dinner at Sturehof

Remember the days when you were able to indulge in a truly romantic, sophisticated dining experience? Visitors wanting to take things back to dating stage would be well advised to book a table at Sturehof, which is far more than just a restaurant. A Stockholm institution that’s treated the capital to its award-winning delicacies for more than 100 years, Sturehof boasts with dedicated sommelier service and contemporary Scandinavian cuisine (plus, oysters are considered an aphrodisiac, right?). A special recommendation from the team: their chocolate truffle pralines make for the sexiest dessert to share in all of town!


Soothe the senses at Villa Dagmar

This brand-new hotel is only just opening its doors and yet, it’s already the talk of the town – and for good reason, too: Villa Dagmar operates as the sister-hotel of Stockholm’s famous Diplomat, and it has just as much to offer! Other than seriously plush rooms and an in-house florist, there’s the gorgeous spa equipped with just about everything you might want from a sensual and relaxing spa day (from a sauna to a steam room, rain showers and, of course, rejuvenating treatments for you and your other half…). Put simply, this is the perfect place to recharge the batteries.


Get some peace of mind at Royal Djurgården

Want some more peace and quiet? Make your way to Stockholm’s ‘green lungs’, the vast island of Royal Djurgården, then. Nature walks are arguably among the most restorative activities anyone could engage in and thanks to Djurgården’s impressive size, you’ll find plenty of quiet corners. Though for the curious, there’s a lot to discover, too: from the pretty Blockhusudden lighthouse and several monuments to the city’s oldest oak tree, time really stands still in the island’s interior, and there’s no one complaining about being bored (we trust you chose your partner wisely!).


Party it up at Moxy

For visiting parents who are looking for everything but a silent retreat, we can’t think of a better place to go than a Moxy party! The legendary events from and for lesbians (though fret not, everyone is welcome) are so hyped about within the LGBT+ community, they attract partygoers from well beyond Stockholm’s city limits. For one night only, why not transport yourself back to life before kids and rock out to the beats of DJ Pamela until the sun rises over the Baltic Sea? It’s the perfect way to end your stay – meet us by the door!