Four fun activities for modern couples visiting Stockholm

CleanGroup, Stockholm, Sweden
Photography courtesy of Clean Group

Being one of the most open-minded cities in all of Scandinavia, if not the world, Stockholm makes for a fabulous destination for same-sex couples. There are plenty of romantic places to discover: from intimate concert halls and restaurants to a nature walk dedicated to love itself!

But not all lovebirds are the same and some prefer things to be a bit more fun. If you’re among the latter category, there’s no need to worry – the Swedish capital bursts with experiences that bring the giggles so you and your other half can swap the schmoozing for the amusing (well, maybe not altogether).


Events at Nordic Light Hotel

This Norrmalm-based hotel is the place to be for couples whose thirst for fun doesn’t stop at accommodation (and why would it, anyway?). With an events calendar as packed as the city during Midsummer Night, Nordic Light is the hotel that never sleeps. Over the next few weeks alone, the on-site Löjromsbaren bar will be hosting DJ gigs by some of Stockholm’s finest talents while local jazz band Food Talking is set to take over Nordic Light’s Lykke restaurant for a swinging brunch – name a more iconic way to start the day!


StandOut Travel city day tour

Founded by BFFs Erik and Sofia, Sweden’s first LGBT-specific travel agency should be on any gay traveller’s list. Its city tours come with a super personal touch, making them heaps more fun than traditional round trips! Choose from a number of tours (we know you want to take a chance on the Shopping & ABBA The Museum one) or have them customize a private couple experience for you – either way, StandOut Travel’s enthusiastic guides will pepper your day with comedic stories, lots of Stockholm trivia and some local gossip – these guys know the tea!


Gröna Lund, Royal Djurgården

There can be no doubt the green island of Djurgården is the centre of all things outdoor fun in Stockholm. Its most thrilling attraction, Gröna Lund, is an ever-changing amusement park featuring a total of thirty-one nerve-wrecking rides! Spin forty metres into the air at the speed of 80 km/h on the Snake, fall to what seems like sudden death from the Giant Drop (everyone has a different idea of fun, right?) or venture into the House of Nightmares for a good excuse to hold hands. The colourful Kättingflygaren chairoplane offers a slightly less anxiety-inducing alternative – that is until you try pronouncing its name in conversation with a local – and there is live music, too: Lenny Kravitz, Weezer and Hozier are all set to play Gröna Lund this summer!


Clean Group parties

If anyone knows how to have a gay old time dancing the Swedish night away, it’s the gents over at Clean Group! After all, their self-proclaimed mission is to step up Stockholm’s LGBT+ nightlife and they do so by bringing international DJs and performers to some of the city’s most major venues. Want to sashay away with the Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race at steamy Club Backdoor? Of course you do. Or how about treating your love to a karaoke rendition of their favourite guilty pleasure Europop tune? Head to the year’s biggest EuroVision after-party! Fun reigns supreme at Clean Group’s events and there sure is a lot of love under the disco ball (just trust us on this one). Needless to say, couples are never out of place here!