Cool down: the most fun ways to escape the heat in summery Stockholm

Summer at Mälarpaviljongen, Stockholm, Sweden

Summer in Stockholm is something every fan of the Open City has to experience at least once: when the Nordic days are at their longest and brightest, the locals adopt what some say is an almost Mediterranean mindset, taking life a bit easier and smiling ear to ear. Although at times of soaring temperatures, it’s important to find ways to cool down in Stockholm!

When the sun is high up in the sky and the thermometer goes into overdrive, locals and visitors to the Swedish capital alike gravitate to all the fun and friendly Stockholm places where chilling down is the order of the day – here are some of the best.

Take a dip at Mälarpaviljongen

Gay-run Mälarpaviljongen isn’t just the Open City’s favourite go-to spot for an after-work cocktail; it also doubles as a public swimming pool… well, sort of, anyway: some visitors take the opportunity to jump off the floating cafe-cum-bar’s platforms, right into mighty Lake Mälaren!

Though if you’re not up for a swim (why ruin that epic holiday outfit you put together, right?), the pavilion’s lakeside location comes with more moderate temperatures, while its open-air areas benefit from a lovely summer breeze. And you could always order a bottle of champagne for a luxurious shower – but you didn’t get the idea from us.

Eat your own body weight in ice cream at Taverna Brillo

Stockholm’s most popular Italian eatery with a Scandinavian take, Taverna Brillo needs no introduction. While countless travellers put the hip restaurant on their bucket list for a dining experience, it’s advisable to pop by during the day, too, and grab a cone of their popular, home-made ice cream.

The flavours available change on a daily basis, which means things never get boring. Whether you’re into the classics – chocolate and vanilla – or you want to treat your palate to a more sophisticated taste like salted caramel gelato or lavender sorbet, Taverna Brillo’s got you covered. There really are worse excuses for a sweet treat than wanting to cool down!

Slow down at Hotel Skeppsholmen

One of the most overlooked ways of staying cool during the summer is also one of the easiest to engage in. Simply easing into hot temperatures as you kick back and relax is amazingly helpful. But seeing you don’t want to miss out on fun while on vacation, why not slow down somewhere beautiful?

LGBT-welcoming Hotel Skeppsholmen is located on the tiny island of Skeppsholmen, and on a hot summer day, whiling away some time strolling around the leafy islet is arguably a wonderful experience. You could also sit in the shade under one of the many trees on the hotel’s property, read a book or watch fellow hotel guests battle it out on the hotel’s pretty tennis court!

Down an Aperol on the rooftop at Stockholm under the Stars

Nothing beats an evening under the starry sky, once the heat of the day has receded. At ‘Stockholm under Stjärnorna’, guests can take things slowly as a DJ spins a record or two and friendly staff serve Aperols and cool beers by the dozens.

Amongst the most raved-about open-air bars in all the Open City, Stockholm under the Stars sits some 50 metres above the streets and you’re almost guaranteed a breeze up here. What makes this place ‘cool’ in more than one way, however, is its decidedly relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, which means every visitor can feel at ease as they mingle with the locals and make new friends. Now that’s what we call cool!

Cool down in Stockholm