But first, mimosas: Stockholm’s most drool-worthy brunch options

Brunch, Stockholm, Sweden

So you’ve had a fika or two and you think you know what makes Swedish taste buds tick? Think again! There’s another culinary pastime hungry Scandinavians go crazy for and it’s one of the most popular British exports anywhere in the world: brunch.

Hardly ones to turn down a morning mimosa, LGBT+ folk in particular seem to gravitate towards places that offer prolonged, boozy brunches (guilty as charged) – if there’s a better reason to get out bed on a Sunday morning, we haven’t heard of it. Visiting Stockholm on an empty stomach? Dig in at the below.



Starving visitors landing in the Swedish capital after a ten-hour flight might want to consider a cheeky brunch at Luzette, conveniently located just where the airport express train will drop you off. Though if you can’t make it on arrival day (you’re forgiven), do come back later: Luzette’s current summer menu alone reads like an inventory of speciality foods (strawberry soup, anyone?) and brunch is arguably your best bet at trying it all. Though with the sweet hybrid between breakfast and lunch only being available on the weekends, it’s advisable to arrive early!




Not only does TAK offer one of the most glorious views over Stockholm (picture a rooftop venue with glass walls and an outside area); they also dish up one hell of a special brunch… Head here to trade in croissants and baked beans for Japan’s favourite casual snack! What, you haven’t heard of Temaki? It’s a cone-shaped type of sushi loosely wrapped in nori leaves that’s slowly growing a proper cult following. And because a new take on brunch calls for an alternative drink to go with it, sake is included, too. What’s ‘hooray’ in Japanese?




See that group of people knocking on the window-lined facade of Riche around 10:57 on a Saturday morning? Okay, their cool, Nordic nature actually prevents the Swedish from taking to drastic measures, but trust us when we say everyone wants to get into Riche’s weekly brunch extravaganza! The chic Östermalm eatery offers a menu-based brunch that bursts at the seams with delicacies: we feasted on the slow-baked celeriac with truffles and hazelnuts on our last visit and thanks to Riche’s double-doors, we could indulge all we liked without staff having to butter the doorframes to push us back out in the afternoon – classy!




Just around the corner from Riche sits Teatergrillen, a fine-dining restaurant that no doubt ranks among Stockholm’s most distinguished. True to its upscale nature and the historic building it’s housed in, the menu here is as premium as it gets, making brunch at Teatergrillen a real treat perfect for celebrating a milestone! But there’s a world of theatricality beyond the dainties that makes the restaurant so special: from the deep red, film set-like interior to the golden masks hanging above the tables; Teatergrillen isn’t just food – it’s an experience!



Hobo Hotel

Love the idea of brunch but hate the idea of getting up early to make your way to a restaurant? Just stay at Hobo, where Stockholm’s most casual and fun brunch is served every Saturday morning! Although there are plenty of healthy options here (Hobo’s kitchen focuses on mainly organic and vegetarian delights), rest assured ‘carbocide’ is definitely on the menu, too – from Belgian waffles to French fries, it’s a very European affair… If you end up in food coma, fret not: unlimited coffee and ice-cold Bloody Marys are here to help!