About us

Stockholm LGBT is the city’s rainbow family of LGBTQ+ friendly travel businesses and community. A membership-based network of hotels, restaurants, attractions and other partners who are committed to upholding Stockholm’s reputation as one of the most diverse and inclusive cities in the world.

We showcase the city of Stockholm as a truly open city and a welcoming holiday destination, not just for the LGBTQ+ community, but for all. For our member organizations, our goal is to market and promote them to a global community of LGBTQIA+ travellers and to increase their profile and the awareness of their services, to this valuable consumer segment in key target markets.

Stockholm LGBT is managed by two principals, Christina Guggenberger and Uwern Jong.

Christina Guggenberger
Christina is one of the world’s leading destination-marketing pioneers in gay and lesbian tourism. Christina even took the unique path of successfully creating lesbian-specific outreach years ago. Over fifteen years ago, Christina founded the Stockholm Gay and Lesbian Network of the Stockholm Visitors Board, a unique project for the city’s marketing organization that helped the city become a top global LGBTQ destination. Thanks to Christina’s efforts, Stockholm has won several LGBTQ travel awards. christina@stockholmlgbt.com

Uwern Jong
Uwern Jong is Experientialist-in-Chief of OutThere/Studio of London-based branding and content agency that specialises in helping brands – particularly those in travel – reach and engage with diverse audiences. The studio also produces award-winning luxury and experiential travel journal, OutThere. Uwern has worked promoting Stockholm to LGBTQ+ audiences for well over a decade and until 2023 had served 7 years as Board Director of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, the IGLTA.