Savouring the city: five must-try foods in Stockholm

Savouring the city. Swedish Cinnamon buns on display in a bakery in Stockholm

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Swedish cuisine? If you were to ask anybody that question a decade ago, their answer would be “hearty, monochromatic plates of meat and vegetables,” or Swedish Meatballs of course – a rite of passage for IKEA shoppers across the world. Oh, how things have changed. After years of leading the Swedish food scene, the city of Stockholm is now overflowing with culinary pursuits and has even been crowned the European Capital of Gastronomy in 2023. Here are five must-try foods in Stockholm:

Hasselback Potato at Hasselbacken

The iconic Hasselback Potato gets its name from the restaurant in which it was invented: Restaurant Hasselbacken – now attached to a popular hotel in central Stockholm. To make this dish, chefs start by cutting a potato halfway through into thin slices and brushing it with copious amounts of butter. As it bakes, the slices separate and fan out, resulting in an almost accordion-shaped potato with a perfectly buttery crisp exterior and tender centre. 

As simple as it sounds, the Hasselback Potato is certainly not your average spud. This mouth-watering potato has made a name for itself in Stockholm and beyond, and is the perfect canvas for endless gastronomic creativity. Enjoy it at Restaurant Hasselbacken with a range of delectable toppings such as cured salmon, goat’s cheese, vegan roe, fresh truffle, and parmesan.

Cinnamon Buns at Skansen

Nothing brings us comfort like the thought of strolling through five centuries of Swedish history with a coffee in one hand and a freshly baked cinnamon bun in the other. Cinnamon buns, also known as Kanelbullar, are more than just a sweet treat in Sweden, but a quintessential part of Fika and one of the most iconic must-try foods in Stockholm. 

The traditional Swedish cinnamon bun recipe is made with a perfectly moist and chewy dough, infused with a hint of cardamom. The dough is folded, twisted, and generously layered with an addictive sugar-butter cinnamon filling that fills the air with the aroma of winter spice once baked. You can find these perfectly knotted delights at Skansen’s old-fashioned bakery along with other authentic baked goods.

Buddha Bowl at The Green Queen

We know: It seems like these aesthetically pleasing bowls of plant-based ingredients have been popping up everywhere lately, but honestly, they can’t help that they are so instagramable. Buddha bowls are the epitome of feel-good food. Not only are they tasty and packed full of nutrients but they’re also customisable, making them ideal for even the pickiest of eaters. 

The Green Queen is a vegetarian and vegan street food restaurant in central Stockholm with a fantastic Buddha bowl on its menu. We recommend pairing it with one of The Green Queen’s refreshing cold-pressed juices for the ultimate pick-me-up.

Chilli Fried Calamari at The Hills

Stockholm boasts one of the most exhilarating, progressive food scenes in the world, driven by both traditional Scandinavian and international cuisine. The tantalising Chilli Fried Calamari dish at The Hills is a favourite amongst many guests and a delicious example of Stockholm’s openness to embrace foreign flavours. 

Made with fresh, locally-sourced produce, The Hills’ Chilli Fried Calamari is flavoursome and balanced with a modest bite of chilli pepper. This dish is perfect for those with a worldly palate.

The Mälarpaviljongen Burger

On the banks of Lake Mälaren, across the street from The Green Queen Restaurant, you’ll find Mälarpaviljongen – an all-welcoming bar and eatery with an eclectic seasonal menu. This bustling LGBT-owned restaurant, described as being one of the best neighbourhood restaurants in the World, serves a selection of mouth-watering dishes, from world-class Swedish Meatballs to their very own Mälarpaviljongen Burger.

The Mälarpaviljongen Burger has all the components of a classic gourmet burger: a succulent beef patty and a slice of sharp cheddar, but with a few added surprises, such as root veggie crisps for a satisfying crunch. Pair it with a cold glass of bubbly and admire the archipelago of Stockholm from this lakeside oasis.

Thanks to the city’s trailblazing local chefs, entrepreneurs, and food enthusiasts, Stockholm is quickly becoming one of the culinary capitals of the world. Check out these exciting places to visit whilst you explore our five must-try foods in Stockholm, one delicious bite at a time.